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Octopus Song Mode /TR8s troubles.

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I thought I would post this in case someone else has the same issues as I have had. I'm using a TR8s for some drums and it has a very irritating behaviour which is that if you send prog changes from the Octo to select different patterns on the TR8s there is an audio glitch on the 1st beat of the new pattern, it's a common gripe on the forums, I've burnt quite a bit of fuel trying to come up with workarounds all to no avail...until tonight. What I'm doing now is sending clock from the Octo to the TR8s which I have configured to send prog changes and on the Octo I have enabled prog change listening. The TR8s is sending on channel 10 which is the grid set selection channel so as I select different patterns on the TR8s, with the big friendly buttons, the grid set selections are triggered on the Octo. All cool so far, but what I found was that if you press, say, patterns 1 and 16 on the TR8s all the buttons in between are lined up ready to play and are fired off in sequence left to right. Patterns on the TR8s can be from 1 bar to 8 bars long so 8 bars times 16 patterns at 70bpm gives you 128 bars or over 7 minutes, it is pretty much a song mode.

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Cool, back in the day I was experimenting with a very similar approach using a Yamaha RS7000 to toggle the Octopus page clusters.