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Chained tracks with changing tempo multipliers A.K.A Triplet tribulations

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Hi there.


I'm just trying to alternate between quarter notes and 8th triplets, using the 1.5 tempo multiplier for triplets with muting the last 10 steps to give one beat of 8th triplets  on one track and then muting the last 12 steps on another track to give a single quarter note. I'm then chaining these track fragments to get the rhythm I want with copy/paste down the page, however.... it is wildly out of time. I found another way to do it without mixing tempo multipliers in chained tracks and it works fine. Is this a known bug/fixed in the new OS? I've included a sysex file that squirts the two pages into the bottom left corner.



Jean Blanc
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Hi Nick,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I have replicated the issue and will investigate further as time allows.

In the meantime there are a couple of workarounds that come the mind, firstly there is no issue with combined x1 and x3 speed in track-chains so you could use 12 steps and achieve the same result and secondly you could use concurrent pages (one for x1 speed and the other for x1.5).



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Thanks Nick we'll take a look.