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Velocity Attribute Maps

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Hi there.

I work with velocity switched samples a lot these days and it seems that although I can manipulate the velocity of a note in the attribute map in the outer circle it would be really handy if each layer in the attribute map could be assigned a volume, currently they are set at 29,39,49,59,64,69,79,89 and 99 and I see no way to alter these on a per page basis. Is this a functionality that has been considered for future updates?



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I myself, am not planning to implement any new features beyond what has been added in v6. I expect that I'll have the remaining bugs/issues fixed in the next few months during heat waves when my air conditioning is too loud.

Jean Blanc
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Interesting idea Nick, yes the values of VEL (& the other attr's) are preset in the code but having a way of changing the values would add flexibility & a lot more power to the maps (in addition to setting the values perhaps the neutral row (5) could also be moved up/down in the matrix).

Not sure how the go about at this stage - but will give it some thought for future possibilities.