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V5.0 Octopus Track Start/End

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Hi all,

track start and stop can be defined by skip of steps. This somehow is a little bit cumbersome. Would nice to have an easy way how to select the start and end points of a track.

Cheers, Werner

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Jean Blanc
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Hi Werner,

Thanks for your post. As a Berlin School enthusiast I did some experimental builds of the code along the lines of your suggestion a few years ago (after v5). It was limited to Preview Perform Mode for the simple reason that both sequencers have a great many features & a limited amount of buttons - so the question we are continually wrestling with is trying to get the best usage (& most features) out of the available real estate.

Currently, we have a fairly advanced build which will enable control of a track's mute status on a per step basis - which, whilst not changing the track length (as in your example) does give powerful 'Berlin' possibilities.

I can revisit the earlier 'step skip' experiments to see if there is a way we can adopt them to fit the current codebase.