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Has Octopus/Nemo Development Reached The End of The Line?

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Hi Wilson, Jean, and others,

It's been almost exactly a year since I pushed my last git update for the solo-rec branch and I noticed yesterday that github was rejecting my RSA key. I dug in a bit and found that there would be no way to update openssh on the old Ubuntu VM image or even my old Mac (without upgrading and messing up all of my music software). I had to generate a new key on one of my new computers, git diff > patch.diff, copy/paste to my Mac and email that to my new computer to git apply patch.diff and finally commit and push.

I'm planning to wrap up the v6 coding pretty soon. From there I'll have to consider whether I try to give the Octopus Community Fork a third life. If so, I'll want to do that soon before my Mac dies; amazing it's lived this long - secret is I never power off.

I think it may be possible to create a Docker build image running Linux 8 with the gcc-compat libs to run as a compile container. I would need to copy the ecos compiler and libs off of the VMWare image and include them in the Docker image. To compile we'd just need to execute `docker run -v $PWD:$PWD <image>`. Trying this out will probably take me a day. Let me know what you think. Any different ideas?




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Hi Eric,

Ah to old VM hazing how she has lasted.  I updated eclipse to Neon, which was as far as it would go.  re. github I just checked my env and was able to git synchronize without any RSA rejection issues odd its not working in your VM. At some point anyway I always imagined that the git client would no longer work with the HUB.  Although, the key aspect of the VM is the build / debug env to compile the code.  I figured if git EOL'd the simplest work around would be to VM share the folder with the host and handle git in the host OS.  Although the docker project would be neat and future proof (also allowing use of more refined IDE experience), but for the amount of footfall in the codebase it may well be too much hassle.