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CC resolution bug?

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Hi there.

I created a CC105 transmission track, pasted it into to 2 other tracks, joined the two tracks into a chain then reversed the second one to give a 0-128-0 type oscillation with the tracks set to 1/16 speed. I set the resolution to the highest value and each step was +8 compared to the previous one. The first track in the chain gives a smooth +1 ascent but the second track in the chain gives -8 increments on the down sweep even with the fine resolution selected.

Jean Blanc
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Hi Nick,

Yes, this is due to the architecture of the sequencer.

The sequencer processes data from left to right & there is some "look ahead" code which enables the intermediary values of midi CC. However this "look ahead" can only occur left to right, i.e. DIR 1, for all other DIR's the sequencer does not know what CC value is coming next so the midi resolution can only be at 1/16 step (at max resolution it will just print the same value 7 times in between the 1/16 step). This should really be stated in the user guide so I will update for the next version.

For the workaround I usually have several preset pages of tracks with midi cc (rising/falling ramps etc at different values) ready to copy/paste when needed.