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Functionality suggestions.

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Hi there.

I've got a couple of suggestions for The Collective to consider. It would be great if the page sets buttons behaved in the same way as the page buttons, I'd like to be able to engage 'page follow' for the page sets and I'd like to be able to specify the number of repeats a page set manifested before moving on. This way much longer song structures could be made and it would be effectively a song mode that requires no button presses.


Another suggestion, not sure how feasible it would be has occurred to me as a result of using my TR8s drum machine. It has the 'page set follow' behaviour I described above but what I didn't realise until recently is that the program changes it sends out as it switches patches seem to be sent slightly early and this has proven to be invaluable for switching page sets on the Octo and switching sequences on the MPC. The Octo and the MPC send theirs right on beat 1 and so anything being controlled by either of these is always at least 1 bar late changing.


I was about to sell the TR8s but its invaluable for now because of this functionality.