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Hi and welcome to the new forum!

To sign-up just hit that Register button up there.  Once your in please post a Hello! in the General section under your favourite machine sub-forum or both!

We are just dusting ourselves off and getting set-up, given the fairly steep timetable of the Yahoo group doomsday.

In due course we would like to import the archive posts of the old genoQs forum to be searchable here.  In the meantime archives can be found

Hopefully with some scripting shenanigans the genoQs_users mail archive could be brought in (there are no current migration scripts for Yahoo to wpForo).

We welcome all feedback and suggestions you may have for the new forum please let us know in the Suggestions sub-forum

So welcome, thanks for joining us!  Exchange ideas, get support, share knowledge and whenever possible have fun 😀!

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